MEP Design Consultants

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering forms the foundational basis of a building. A strategic, durable, well-planned, and well-designed MEP is underpinned to constructing and preserving the value of a building. Without properly crafted planning of this system, a building is not more than a concrete structure unfit for human occupancy. Orchid engineering consultants has a team of MEP consultants uniquely qualified to devise effective and sustainable design plans to maximize performance with minimum cost, risk, and environmental impact of a building. From experience belonging to years, as one of the top MEP design consultants in Dubai, we understand the long-term value of credible engineering design.

Our workmanship is crafted with specifically-qualified electrical engineers, fire-fighters, and HVAC engineers. We pride ourselves on high standards of providing the best strategic, lucrative, and top-quality suitable to multitudes of buildings. Be it any sort of building, our team of professional engineer is equipped with high-tech tools and machinery with great expertise that makes us reputed MEP consultants in UAE.

Our Service Inclusions

From feasibility planning to environmental policies, our MEP consultants offer services at a large scale, comprising all sorts of engineering solutions throughout the UAE. Aligned with our expert team of engineers, we ensure exceptional engineering consulting services in line with our environmental policies for numerous mechanical systems. We are determined to deliver high standards of mechanical services attributed to ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), air quality testing, medical gas system, and dilapidation recording for advanced design.

  • Aeration Systems
  • Drain Systems
  • Commercially Used Exhaust Systems
  • Modeling Thermal System
  • Condensation Water System
  • Compressor Air System
  • Geothermal
  • Vent Systems
  • Medical Gas System
  • Wastage Heat Recovery System
  • DX Structure
  • Chilled Water System

Why Choose Our MEP Consultants

Efficient and Optimum System

Efficient and Optimum System

Our engineering consultants have specifically crafted MEP plans with the thinnest size of pipe conduits and ducts to provide full coverage installation for compact and improved building energy systems.

Eco-friendly Designs


MEP engineering consultants in Dubai specifically propose renewable energy sources and environmentally friendly apparatus in every design project to increase the sustainable core value of a building.

Innovative Mechanism


MEP employs all building operations, including lighting, HVAC, gas systems, and other to be centrally controlled by high-level automatic systems of the building in the UAE.

Green Indoors


Planning and designing MEP systems based on the idea of getting maximum sunlight exposure and improved HVAC to ensure proper ventilation, moisture control for removing the stench, and any kind of airborne diseases to maintain a clean and green building.

The Orchidec Difference

We effectively deliver cost-effective and modernized MEP design and engineering services. Our uniquely talented squad of MEP consultants in Dubai has devised creative, value-added, and eco-friendly strategies to adjust to the critical infrastructure requirements of a building in the UAE. We have proficient knowledge in the field of construction engineering, and energy efficient designs that helps us identify and perform as per our clients’ key requirements.