Infrastructure Consultancy Services

In this era of massive infrastructure, the ever-changing economic and technical climate, developments, and a rapid pace necessitate adaptability, awareness, and power to evolve. It can be a complicated environment as a mainframe for the services and facilities required to function in and around built-up regions. The construction and building business are seeing unprecedented growth and having a consultant with proven infrastructure experience demonstrates a company’s capabilities.
Orchid Engineering Consultants
, a major organization in this industry that serves as an infrastructure consultancy, has worked on several prestigious locations across Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and the Middle East. Our infrastructure consultants collaborates closely on projects to guarantee that power, roads, water, sewage, and telecommunications are all connected to the communities they serve.

From Inception to Delivery, Our Infrastructure Consulting Services Include

  • Design, management and execution of projects and portfolios
  • Project team performance and organizational culture
  • A business case, a feasibility study, a set of possibilities, and a strategy
  • Investment, legal, and commercial due diligence
  • Market-driven and uninvited propositions
  • Third-party clearances and interface management
  • Network integration, post-project evaluations, and benchmarking
  • Project boards and panels of review
  • Contract management and financial closing
  • Dispute resolution
  • Documentation for procurement, commercial, and contracting
  • Procurement and transaction management
  • Engagement with the industry, market research, commercial concepts, and delivery strategy
  • Governance and risk
  • Asset handover and operational readiness

Workflow of our Infrastructure

1. Initiation

In order to deliver professional infrastructure consultancy services, we focus on every step since the beginning. Our qualified engineers discuss and understand the client’s requirements.

2. Strategy and Planning

Based on their needs and feasibility, we develop efficient strategies and infrastructure plans that are highly compliant with all the prevalent standards.

3. Project Management and Sourcing

Our infrastructure consultants are also expertized in helping clients procure quality essentials through careful and optimized capital allocation.

4. Project Completion

Through efficient management of every stage, we ensure efficient completion and delivery of the infrastructure project in the stipulated timeframe.

Our Work Portfolio

Our Infrastructure Portfolio 1
Our Infrastructure Portfolio 2
Our Infrastructure Portfolio 3
Our Infrastructure Portfolio 4

Why Choose Us?


At Orchid infrastructure consultancy services we offer industry experts that have handled many projects ranging through varied sectors and fields.


Our team are adaptable and evolve with the changing times that best befits the current situation as well as within a budget for the project to be achieved.

Unique Solutions

We provide unique solutions tailored to the requirements of the project and the client’s needs.